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Payment Options

Here at West Mountain Dental, we always work 100 percent for our patients. From the treatment we recommend to our alternative payment options, we ensure each patient receives not only unique care, but also the flexibility and variety of payment options for their own needs. Insurance or no insurance, we work with you individually. Call us to check if your insurance is covered: 719-547-8338.


      Outside of insurance, our payment options include:      

In-Office Savings Plan

The IOS plan requires no waiting and no pre-authorization. The ways our IOS Plan can save you money:

Two For The Price Of One

Included in our IOS plan are two complete exams, diagnostics, x-rays, and cleanings for the price of one!

More People More Savings

Add one family member to your plan and get $50 off the IOS bundle! Add 3 members and get $200 off!

Unlimited Savings

Get 20% off ALL treatment. From cosmetic to restorative dentistry, everything is entitled to 20% off with an In Office Savings Plan that pays for more than itself.

Unlimited Possibilities

Don’t worry about benefit maximums—our In Office Savings Plan has none! Use your 20% discount all year long, stress-free.


A credit card dedicated to taking care of you now, and allowing you to pay later. CareCredit is accepted at most health care providers. Call us today to find out more about CareCredit, or follow the links below.


“I Love this dentist and all the staff! Everyone is so nice and kind and they take their time! Every time I go it is a pleasant time!”

Michelle G.

“Great dentist to go to!! Had very little pain and no swelling after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Very professional and clean also the staff is great! Highly recommend this dentist to anybody looking!!”

Daniel M.


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